15 May 2012

Day one!

Day one of the diet and I feel like quiting!

Man, I'm addicted to Malthesers, M&Ms, chips... It's rediculous!
There's nothing I'd rather do than just watch a movie and stuff my face with (all of) one of those goodies... Or all of them. But I won't! I've done this before, I know I can do this! Haha :)

I've followed everything strictly and I've eaten so many veggies, I feel like I'm a bunny.
Let me say one thing: thank you mom for teaching me how to make the best soups in the world!!

Oh yes, thank you all for saying I don't need a diet :)
Unfortunately, my BMI tells me otherwise... A BMI of 28? Yep, way too much!!


Joke said...

You can do it, girlie. En zo tof dat Jeff je steunt door mee te doen!

Unknown said...

Think positive! I too would choose chocolate every time but a few weeks ago made the decision to eat more healthily.

I don't like to say that I am on a diet as that makes me feel hungry! What I have done is cut out all snacks between meals and eat only at mealtimes. Puddings are reserved for weekend treats.

So far, I have never felt deprived of anything. since I don't own any scales I can't say if it is working or not, but I do feel better about myself.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It's so challenging but think of it as a
Lifestyle seems too restricting and we always want to do what we cannot do! Good luck!

Allegra said...

I just found your blog! It looks amazing! Good reads and the style is so pretty :)I look forward to visiting your site again! I sooo know what it's like to be addicted to chocolate! But you can do it. I think if you can manage a couple weeks without junk food it will get easier! Good luck!!

Mrs. Miller said...

You can do it! I've noticed that when I work out in the afternoon, I eat less... because the afternoon is my major want-to-munch time. When I do a really tough workout around 3:00 or 4:00, I shower and drink water and I'm not hungry... then before I know it, its time for a sensible dinner.
You can do it!
Thanks for visiting my blog today. :-D (And saying thank you).

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