22 Sept 2011

First day of Fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall!!
It's a day I've come to love over the years, because it's also my Daddy's birthday :)
Happy birthday Daddy!

To celebrate this first fall day, Jeff and I took a long walk around the place where we'd love to buy a house, the Flemish Ardennes.
Excuse my mad look, I like doing faces while Jeff is trying to take a nice picture ;)

Look at the amazing view behind us! Love it!

One of the houses I love, is this one:

I love how it is just in the middle of nowhere and that it has such a long private drive-way!
Keep on dreaming, I'd say...

Temperatures have dropped, it's really getting colder... But that's a part of what I like about fall! Putting back on those warmer clothes, lighting scented candles to scare away the darkness, nature changing...
Mmmm... I LOVE fall!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oooooooh I adore that house. I would also love to live some place like that! It looks so lovely.


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