16 Sept 2011


If you're just strollin' around here and thinking "something's changed... What is it?": don't worry, Jeff is just trying to change some things. When he's ready doing so, I'll tell you girls some more about it!

We're off to our Prepare INternational weekend. A team from America that wants to train young people to be good leaders. This weekend there will be a lot of the graduates that come to visit us students... So much fun!!

If you get bored while we're gone and need something to do: take a look around my blog and tell me what you like or don't like so I can let Jeff take a look at it!
Also, if there are certain topics you would want to see more often, let me know!!

1 comment:

Joke said...

Ik doe de layout van mn blog zelf en das niet gemakkelijk é. Thank goodness for google :)
Persoonlijk lees ik graag hoe het is om newlyweds te zijn, vooral omdat ik er zelf naar uitkijk om het te zijn en omdat het leuk om lezen is. ;)

Geniet van jullie weekend!

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