7 Sep 2011

Smoothies and Movies

I've got the feeling that I've been eating too much lately! I've probably gained some weight since I got married (thank you desserts, pies and more of those things I've been experimenting with!) but this past week I've felt like I over ate every single day! And no, we've not been going out for dinner or eating really that much at all... It's the weirdest thing... For a moment I thought I might be pregnant (I've been thinking that since "our first time", lol - we use birth controll though) but then I thought "no, when you're pregnant you eat MORE!"

So I've decided I just needed to eat less and to eat more of the light stuff...
I've tried to make a smoothie and it was SO good!!! And so easy!
Yeah, I know, who hasn't ever made a smoothie yet? It was my first time... Shame on me!

I just put a hand full of frozen berries (all kinds of them: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, ...) in a blender, added about double as much of orange juice and blended everything together.
To drink immediately: refreshing and so delicious!!

Oh and I've watched Fireproof again! It's not our DVD but I've been thinking of buying one because I believe it's such a good reminder of how you should behave towards each other in marriage (and how not!) and that marriage is HARD work.

We're still very much in love and do things for each other all the time, but I do have a serious problem with my mouth! I'm one of those people that (think they) always know better, hah! I need to learn to shut my mouth and listen to what others (eg my husband) have to say, because to be honest? He's right a lot of the time!
Oh, and I need to learn to not speak negative words to/about him. That's day one of the Love Dare from the movie, and I'm not even that far, ugh!!

Have you seen the movie?
What do you think of it?


Jo(ke) said...

I make smoothies ALL THE TIME. Love them! Ik gebruik het liefst van al vers geperst sinaasappelsap, maar das zoveel werk hé. Mijn favoriete combinaties: appelsap + banaan of sinaasappelsap + aardbeien + banaan. Iedere keer als ik studeer en mn examen nadert eet ik echt brol. Case in point: ik heb net voor mijn lunch doritos met geitenkaas gegeten, 2 milky ways en een ice tea! :( Gelukkig kan ik vrijdag weer koken. :)

Evelien said...

Klinkt suuuperlekker nochtans, die doritos met kaas ;)

Camille said...

love smoothies!

how'd the pie turn out??

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