6 Sept 2011

Comfort food

Lately I've been feelin' a bit down...
Since I got married, I've moved to the other side of the country, I haven't seen so many of my friends because of vacation (july until september) and Jeff has to work (du-uh, most people do, you know!) while I'm home alone.

I feel kinda trapped in this small flat in this big, unknown, gray, unfriendly city... It's not easy to find a balance between inviting friends/family and taking enough time for the two of us to learn to handle this new life of ours.

We have to learn how to deal with friends making decisions that we don't agree with or people acting plain rude because they feel like they can...

I'm a little prone to having depressive thoughts, the kind of thoughts that come swirling in your head and make you wanna crawl right back into your bed and just watch girl movies all.the.time!

But I know I have to fight against this, so what do I do?
I make my favorite comfort food :)

Chilli Con Carne, mmmm...
I prefer to eat it with wraps and some cheese on it! 
Makes my day, any day!!
(oh, and so does French bread with butter and cheese... mmmmm...)

So what are your comfort foods?

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