19 Aug 2011

Part 3: Let's partyyy!

So where were we?
Oh yeah, the party on friday!

 Toasting on our new life together! We didn't just have champagne but bacardi... It was a little surprise from my mother, she wanted to do something special!

 While our parents were setting up the food corner, we relaxed with the girls! The picture above is Lilly, the youngest one... She's my sweetie :)

 And this little princess is Noeki, she's Jeff's little girl! He's her godfather (sounds creepy hah!)

 We were the first to start with the food :) I liked that, being the first with everything ghihi... It was SO good! And sooooo much!! Mmm...

 Jeff looking very happy with all the food ;)

My grandparents, enjoying their meal!

After our dinner we gave Hans and Petra, our witnesses,  a little present

Hans got a special bottle of champagne

Petra got a beautiful pen from Swarovski! Because she 'signed' for us :)

Our parents too, got a little present! 
It was a little story about a tree, in a beautiful white frame...

My parents were a little bit emotional

And I thought Jeff's parents weren't that emotional, so Jeff's dad read the story out loud. All of a sudden he stopped reading and my MIL took over... Turns out he was so touched!
I'll post the story in another post!

The little flower girls got a bride doll, they were thrilled! They kept saying "Did Evelien buy it just for ME?!" So cute :)

Don't you think my MIL looks adorable?!

My father had a little surprise gift for Jeff: a T-shirt with "Love one woman... many guitars". My dad was acting really proud for having found such a t-shirt haha! And Jeff loved it, he immediately changed into the shirt!!

We made a delicious cake for us to cut, my parents really did a good job!!
(look at the shirt... yeah, you didn't believe me when I said he changed his suit for the shirt? here's evidence!!)

At the end of the day we did some swimming, it was so much fun with the little girls!! 

Afterwards, Jeff's family went home and Jeff got to stay at Petra's house because we saw our 'wedding' as incomplete without God's blessing so we decided to wait one more day to finally get to sleep in the same bed :)

Comin' up: Jeff coming to get me... again ;)


Tatiana said...

It looks like a beautiful party. LOVE all the food. It really reminds me of my family. I love how european families go all out for any even. It's so much fun!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Looks like such a lovely time!! :)

Tulips said...

Omg, zo'n coole foto van jou in je trouwkleed aan 't zwembad!

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