1 Aug 2011

He's coming for me!

Friday, July 8th - Getting ready, Everybody arriving - He's coming for me!
Warning: Picture overload!

I had to get up at a pretty decent time to go to the hair dressers. My sister took pictures of us but she accidentaly erased them.. Bummer... But this was the final result :)

After that, I did my make-up. As I took a course in wedding make-up, I just did it myself! I really enjoyed the me-time, but I think it would've been nice too to be pampered by someone else :)

Then it was time for... The dress :)
I chose a shorter dress for the legal part of the wedding because I wanted two very different dresses! This one actually was meant to be a bridesmaid dress, it was originally made in a pinky color. They just made it in a white color for this wedding!

Then I was ready to go check everything out downstairs!
Here's my father trying to explain me something :)

Guess what we chose for colors?

My mom really did her best in decorating everything! I didn't have to plan a thing for this party, just the legal part and telling her what I liked best :) She's the sweetest mom ever!

 Then the waiting game could begin!
 My oldest brother and his girlfriend

 Ruben again, with my sister Hannah.

All of a sudden we got a text message: "we're almost there! See you soon!"
And there they came :)

 My parents-in-law!

And my handsome bridegroom... 

I was waiting inside but I could already see him :) I was dying with nerves!! So exciting to see him... And I could see him wondering where I was haha! Everyone kept arriving and when they were all there...

 There he was! With our two precious flower girls :)
In Belgium we don't have real bridesmaids (like in - the best friends or your sister or so...). We only have flower girls and we call them bridesmaids...

I opened the door and had to cry... Du-uh...
I like this picture of the two of us :)


Everyone entered and we had some little snacks and coffee before leaving to the city hall...

Coming up:
Our legal wedding!


Dove of Snow said...

Adorable! All of you are! :)

Tatiana said...

You're entire family is So good looking :-) I'm glad you had a great day girly! You deserved it!

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