25 Jun 2011

Day 25: Put on your Ipod on shuffle: first ten songs!

I'm sorry girls, I don't have an Ipod... Never had one really...
Shall I sing for you girls in stead??
Or maybe I shouldn't, else you'll run away very fast :)

Instead, I'll give you the lyrics to the song we finally decided on to be our first dance!
It's not Bubbly Tatiana, I'm sorry :) That one's too difficult to dance on for Jeff hah!

We chose The Magic Hour by Andrew Peterson. It's a very slow song, you can listen it through this link:

Come climb the hill with me
Come and be still with me
Come watch the sun sink away
If you will with me

Come watch the garden grow
Down by the gravel road
Come warm your hands in the gold
Of the afterglow

Into the peace of these wild things,
Into the wild of this grace,
Into the grace of this blessing,
Speak in the peace of this place

Come walk the cedar stand
Over the broken dam
Sit on the bench at the bend in the trail again

Look how the children laugh
Out in the tumble grass
Bright as a fire and as fine as a photograph

Here at the magic hour
Time and eternity
Mingle a moment in chorus
Here at the magic hour
Bright is the mystery
Plain is the beauty before us
Could this beauty be for us?

What is this voice that sings
Holy and hovering
Over this hill in the still of the evening?
(Son of God, speak)


Dove of Snow said...

Oh my word, I LOVE that song! I'd never heard of it. But I absolutely am a fan of the piano! Beautiful, beautiful, song! And the lyrics read/sound like a soothing, sweet, peaceful poem. I love it! What a beautiful first song! Will you guys dance a waltz to it? My husband and I chose to waltz for our first dance, it's such a gorgeous, graceful type of dance. We loved it! Felt like we were prince and princess at a royal ball all our own. :)

Evelien said...

Yes, it sounds very beautiful and peaceful, doesn't it? I'd love to waltz, but I'm not sure if Jeff can waltz... Every time I ask him to practise, he just goes all goofy about it hah!

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