24 Jun 2011

Day 24: Something I've learned

* I've learned that through blogging, you can learn a lot!
*I've very recently learned a lot about American writers before 1900 :) I took a class on that and it was SO interesting!
*I've learned a lot about America in general, through reading YOUR blogs!
*About a month ago, I learned that God sees me and therefore he has taken me out of my situation and put me in a brand new one. He gave me a new start! That's some amazing knowledge.
*I've learned that there exist books on the first wedding night... And on every night that will follow that first one! (TMI? hehe!) And about a biblical way of looking at it!
*I've learned that I have a lot more friends than I thought. I only have facebook since a week and I already have 77 friends!! Amazing ;)
*I've also learned that I have some amazing real life friends. I always felt like I was alone. Or alone with God but I figured that was still alone since He doesn't litteraly sit next to you (don't argue about it please hahaha! Jeff always does!). Since I'm going to Ghent regularly, I've found some amazing friends. And they think I' amazing too! How odd.. 

I've learned a lot more these past weeks since I'm having exams but I think that's not too interesting for people that don't have to know these things hah!

Any interesting things you've learned lately??

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Dove of Snow said...

I thought I had posted a great comment, only to realize I hadn't entered the password then moved off that page and LOST it all! Blah! Well, anyhow, I hope that by being one of your new American friends, I can help you get to know Americans! :)

To start off, you are so precious, Evelien! :) It makes my heart glad to read that you have recognized that God does hear us when we call on Him, and that He's taken care of you!

I have learned so much in the past year, especially....but one thing I've been learning so much more about is GRACE. Grace that comes from God, grace that can be given and received by those who have His grace in their hearts, etc! It's so AMAZING Evelien! Words cannot describe it! I hope you get to experience true grace every day from now on.....

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