17 Jun 2011

Day 17: Something I'm looking forward to

Euhm... Seriously?
I'll let you guess once :)

It's in only THREE WEEKS!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

I've finished 1 exam already, tomorrow is my second one... I'm looking forward to them all being done.

I'm looking forward to my wonderful honeymoon to Tunesia!! :)

I'm looking forward to a life as "wife" of my sweetheart :) A life together!! Mmm :)


Tatiana said...

I guessed it before reading it! One point for me!
You're going to have a blast on your honeymoon and you're also going to make an awesome wife!

PS: I did not cut my hair, that pic is from 2 yrs ago :-)

Dove of Snow said...

Oh, guess I answered my question on one of your blog posts from a few days prior to're getting married around July 1st? Wow, that's like, so close! You must be terribly excited! And Tunesia for your honeymoon? Sounds exotic! Where is that again? Sorry I cannot recall, but the pic you have up looks A-MAZ-ING! :)

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