16 Jun 2011

Day 16: My deam house

My dream house?
I have to say I don't really have a dream house :) Doubts!!!

On the one hand I would love to live in the middle of nature, in a quiet little road, lot's of flowers, animals and stuff....

I think you Americans would call that "southern"? (I'm still learning ;))

On the other hand... I think God has some great plans in the city where Jeff and I will be living after our wedding. We see people turning to God, youth praying for a change, missionaries coming to support...
So I would love to have a big house in the middle of the city where we could give a room, love and a meal to people in need! Just being there for others... I think that's rather hard when you live in the middle of nowhere, isn't it? :)

Until we have some more clarity of what God wants for us, we'll live in an apartment. It's a house, divided in 2 (or three if you count the cellar and garage!). On the one side our best friends live. In the garage and cellar there's started a new church only a month ago!
I love that I'll be living there but I also want a house for ourselves... Paying rent isn't alway economical...
So we just keep praying and keep our eyes opened!!


1 comment:

Dove of Snow said...

I like your dream houses(s), Evelien! I hope you see your dreams come true, especially as you find out which of those dreams are from God and go after those! It will be great! :)

Oh, and when you are going to get married? Soon? ;) Congratulations!

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