8 Dec 2010

Favorite part of the Holidays

This week, enjoy your favorite part of the holiday season!  Plan for your family to join you in celebrating this wonderful part of the season.

I'm not sure what my favourite part of the holiday season is... We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I love to see all these Thanksgiving posts!! It looks so cozy and nice :)

Christmas is of course celebrated here (du-uh) and I love it!
When I was younger, I remember unwrapping presents from my grandparents. They celebrated Christmas at our house every year, but sadly my grandfather died a couple of years ago...

This is what my Christmas tree looks like at my dorm! 
It's a picture from two years ago but the tree doesn't change as long as I'm a student :)

This year might be a special Christmas because we're having my parents' best friend over! It's a couple that I've known for all of my life and I'm giving Petra a very special gift: I'm going to ask for her to witness at y wedding! Very exciting because she will not see this coming hah! She's so humble... I love her!

So that's my favourite thing about the holidays: Christmas evening (we don't wait untill the morning to unwrap presents in Belgium, so the evening is where all of the celebrating happens!).
But to enjoy that, I'll have to wait a couple more days! 


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