30 Nov 2010

Ikea stuff

 Last weekend we went to IKEA for breakfast, it's only 1 euro and it's really good :)
After that we went 'windowshopping', my favourite thing to do in Ikea!

I'm  in love with this bedroom! The bed, the closets, the colors! (I'm sorry for the bad quality...)

I also love this part of the bedroom! Mmmm...

When we get married, I'll get the bed!! And maybe the white dresser... We'll see how J. thinks about that :)

Speaking of him... He was for sale too!! For only 6,99 euro!!
Bargain :)


1 comment:

Michelle Therese said...

I really like the bright cheer of the white but I wouldn't have black contrast. Too dark! That's just me though :-)

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