14 Oct 2010

Make your Home a Haven - Week 2

I guess I'm just a little late to link up this week but hey, I've been sick! I've been feeling really awful, but now I'm all better :)

Courteney has challenged us to play soft music everyday, to bring peace in our house.

First: I don't like to hear music all.the.time...
I just like silence when I'm reading or thinking or studying. So I'm not too sure what to do with this challenge!

Second: Soft music? Do I have soft music?
Luckily my boyfriend uses Grooveshark, a website that allows you to play any music you want :) I've checked out George Winston, the piano guy Courteney recommended, and I think I like him. Maybe some of his songs are not soft enough for me (I LOVE reeeally soft piano music without any other instrument.. Just a piano playing a slow/soft melody)
I've also tried out Debussy because Eduard played a melody of him... I was a little bit disappointed because there's almost always an orchestra or something in the songs...

Maybe I'm going to ask which CD my neighbours play because I like that music when I'm over at their place! And I'll try to play some music while I get dressed and doing nothing special like reading blogs.

Another thing Courteney asked was to not get angry because of somebody else's anger. It's so easy to get angry just because some one is angry for a minute or two! But if you just get in control of your emotions, everything can change! So I'm going to watch when and why I get angry...

And last but not least: I'll continue to pray for the peace in my (future) house!


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