4 Oct 2010

Make your Home a Haven - Week 1

I'm linking up with Courtney at Women Living Well. She has a series about Making Your Home a Haven, something that's important for me!

I don't really have a "home", as I said before, or maybe I have 3 homes... I'm a college student who goes to my parental house/my future house with my fiancé every weekend... During the week I live in a dorm.
To which "home" am I going to apply this series?

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking my dorm room.
At my parental home my mother is the chief of the house, so she maybe will not like me lighting candles. At J's place I could place a candle, but men don't always like candles... And what is he supposed to say when his friends come? "Uh... Well... It's Evelien's, not mine..." Hah, I can see him saying that! I don't live there so I'll leave his little house just the way it is... When we'll be married I'll make it a bit less manly :)

I bought a candle and I'm lighting it as of today! It's a red one with a scent of cranberry, mmm... Smells sooo jummy :)

What cought my attention in Courtneys post was that a woman shouldn't stay up late watching TV or reading other blogs... And that a woman has to pray for her house. So I'm going to pray for my (future) home when I see my candle and I'm going to make sure my candle doesn't go out too late when I'm reading in bed!
Thank you Courtney for this fall series!

What are you doing to participate in this contest?



Theresa said...

The cranberry candle sounds good. I am using a Yankee Candle called hot cider. It smells really good. Great idea for you to pray for your future home.

Crystal said...

Ah. I have a daughter in college also. She feels the same way you do. She is split between her college home, her real home with us and her boy friends home. But she does not live with him. She is doing this challege but put her candle in her college home and is praying for peace there since the girls don't always get along.

Crystal said...

Hello again. My daughter does not have a blog. I have tried but she says right now she just does not have the time. You know first hand I am sure with how busy you can be with classes. She also has a part time job.

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