26 Aug 2010

12 new things: leek soup

When I get bored I read blogs. As I'm bored a lot, I read a lot of blogs :)
And a couple of days I found Like A Warm Cup of Coffee and I love this blog! Sarah Mae is a wonderful woman!
I decided to jump in on her challenge to learn something new each month!

 My new thing this month is making a soup that I love. My mother is really good at making soup, so I asked her for a recipe: Leek soup (is that a correct translation? I'm not sure, I think the Duth "prei" sounds more yummy than leek...)

You will need:
-meat for soup (with or without a bone)
-leek (hehe, there's that funny word again!), I used three pieces.
-1 onion
-2 carrots

Let the meat cook in a big pot of water for about an hour.
Slice the onion and add to your pot.
Wash and slice your leek into little parts. My father likes big pieces but I prefer smaller ones because the big pieces somehow always burn my tongue. Add the leek to your pot.
Wash and slice your carrots into pieces, again as big as you want.

Let it cook for another hour, add 2 beef cubes and voilĂ ! Your delicious soup is ready :)
If you don't like eating veggies, you could always mix the soup with a mixer. Just don't forget to take your meat out first!

I've learned to make something new :) It's not hard and very healthy!


Jennifer Sikora said...

This sounds good. What do leeks taste like?

Traci Michele said...

Yum and great job!

Valencia Jones-Edwards said...

Way to go! It's good to learn new healthy recipes. Thats what I'm working on this month.

Evelien said...

It tastes a little bit like onions but it's still a little bit different :)
Do you guys never eat leek? We eat it with potatoes, in soup and in quiche!

Kristen said...

Congrats on accomplishing your first new thing!

Unknown said...

I'm here from Sarah Mae's 12 Things challenge blog. I think homemade soup is wonderful. Congrats on making it! Healthy, and delicious soup is always a good thing :)

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