7 Nov 2013

27 weeks

So I don't have a picture for this week 'cause lets face it... When my husband gets home it's already dark and we don't have good lighting. The only time we can take the pics is during the weekend and I might have slept through most of it. 

Anyway: we're in the third and last trimester, baby!

How am I feeling?
I still feel fine most of the time. The only thing I'm really struggling with is breathing! I think baby girl has crept up a little higher and it's really getting harder to breathe at times... It's the worst at night after I've had dinner but sometimes I struggle all day long. 13 more weeks ;)

This is a tough one. I am always tired lately and I sleep pretty well - until something wakes me in the middle of the night and I can't get back to sleep for 2 hours straight. I don't even manage to snooze a bit in those two hours, I'm just wide awake and praying that I can get back to sleep! One night I was SO so SO so tired that I even started to cry because I was so frustrated. It's ridiculous, really...

I'm not snacking as much anymore because there's just no room left. For lunch I like to grab a few crackers with some cheese or maybe some soup, but I'm definitely eating less. And I try not to eat too much for dinner so I'll have some breathing room left ;)

Weight gain?
Around 8kg.

I hadn't felt baby move a lot for a couple of days and I started to get a bit worried. But as soon as I told someone about it, she ofcourse started to kick again. It could be that she was a bit tired or it could be that she was positioned with her back against my belly so I didn't feel her kicks as much. I'm just glad to feel her again :)

Fun moment?
* We had a lot of visitors this week (4 days, 4 groups of visitors!) and they all commented on how pregnant I look. My mom said my belly moved a bit up and to the front since last week. I'm really bad at seeing how pregnant I am so I'll take her word for it.

* We had a little tour at the hospital this week and saw the birthing rooms and the hospital rooms we can choose from when we go in for the birth. I was sooo nervous but the midwives were so incredibly sweet and comforting. I'm sure they'll take great care of me when the time comes, they really reassured me. A little downside is that I couldn't sleep due to all the excitement that came with the tour and the information we got...

* Oh and people are really trying to find out the name! We told them it's a long name and nobody seems to believe us haha :) We also told them that our baby girl has 3 names other than her last name, which they also don't want to believe hahaha! They'll have to wait and see when she's born :)

This Friday we're going back for an ultrasound and I can't wait to find out how our daughter is doing!
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