24 Sept 2013

21 week update

21 weeks! I can't believe it :)

This update is SO late... 
Due to never finding a good moment to take a picture. 
It's almost a week late, haha :)

How am I feeling?
Good! Lazy but good. I should really start doing something about this messy house but then again, I don't really want to haha! It's not like we can invite people or anything. But change is on its way! I did manage to clean the floors a bit so Jeff wouldn't trip over stuff when he's painting the ceilings.
Last week I was the make-up artist at a wedding and I'm starting to bake a big birthday cake today (pictures coming up next week). I'm finally recognizing myself again!!

Nothing too special. Still craving sweets but I'm not sure if that's just because my body is addicted to sugar or because the baby likes it? Maybe both!
I also feel like I'm eating less... Don't know what that's about but I don't mind.

Weight gain?
Between 3-4kg, which is right on track according to my GYN.

Our baby was playing soccer in my belly two nights ago! I could really feel every move he/she made :) It was so special... I could even feel it with my hand but of course when Jeff put his hand on my belly -- the kicking stopped.

How big is baby?
On Monday our baby measured 21cm and weighed 365g! I think it's going to be a big baby.

Baby being so big made it kind of difficult to interpret the ultrasound images, it looked like one big blurr. When she told us "oh see, it's a boy/girl!" I kept thinking: "where?! I can't see anything! It's just a blurry mess! WHERE do you see this, woman?!". But ofcourse I just nodded and cried and said: "I see! It's a boy/girl! Sweety, we're having a baby boy/girl!"

Fun moments of the week?
* We went to our first infosession about giving birth. Tonight is the second one... They showed us some videos about labor and I'm not sure if I wanted to see that... As a woman you shouldn't see what happens down there, if we were supposed to see this our heads would have been able to bend that far!

* Our gender reveal shoot with Joke from S.A.M.B. last Monday!! It was quick but oh so fun. I think she's such a great photographer... Just wait 'til you see the announcement she made :)

* We went to a christian conference and the speaker had all the pregnant ladies (well - all three of us) stand up. He said that motherhood is the highest calling there is and that it is part of bringing God's kingdom in the world just like Mary brought Jesus in the world (through labor). He then proceeded to pray for us, our babies and our husbands. I kept thinking "don't cry, don't cry, please don't cry!"  But then I looked at the other two ladies and they were bawling hahaha!

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Joke said...

"if we were supposed to see this our heads would have been able to bend that far!"

Amen, sister!

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