23 Apr 2013

Belle Bachelorette Party

My train ride to school takes about 1.5 hours for one single trip. And somehow I always forget to take a book with me - how is that possible? So today I started to look through my laptop files while I was returning from school and I came around these pictures.

They are from my bachelorette party! I was Belle and had to clean everything the girls dropped on the floor because I love to clean (yeah, I didn't like it anymore after this day hah!) and then they'd start to sing "Always look on the Bride side of life! Tudu Tudutudutudu!" haha :)

Looking through these pics really made me realize how amazing my friends are! Every girl on this picture has such a beautiful story to tell! I still see everyone (except for 1 girl) at least a couple of time a year. It almost made me cry thinking about what an amazing day we had - we had so much fun!


Dove of Snow said...

That looks like fun and what an original idea!

I always feel sad when I think of my bridal shower/bachelorette's pitiful that I invited over 30 women and the only people there were my mother in law, sister in law, and one very close friend and her elderly mom. They were the only ones who attended. There were extenuating circumstances beyond my control and people choosing to be ugly and unkind.....long story. :( I seriously hope to have a better baby shower someday than I did bridal shower! I was just so glad to have those few special women there.

I really do love your bachelorette!!! Fun and you were soooo pretty as Belle. :) Have a blessed day! - Rachel

Mrs. Miller said...

Looks like a wonderful group of friends. I hope your husband in not a Beast.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awe that's so that idea!!

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