13 Jan 2013

Winter is coming

"Winter is coming"? What are you kidding about Game of Thrones, it is here!!
(Just a disclaimer on GoT: We loved the storyline and everything but hated the not so family-friendly parts... Booh for that, mister producer of GoT! We really wish you'd at least make a cleaner version of it so we don't have to fastforward and feel all awkward about such an awesome series!)

Do you see the weird stone square thingy? We've no idea what it is but behind it you can see the fence that seperates our yard from the neighbours'.

I think somebody wants to go outside :)
But he'd freeze if he'd be outside too long because he's not used to the colder temperatures... 

On another note: This is how I'm drinking my coffee lately.

I hate it when it turns cold so quickly so I've started using this, I got it for my birthday last year. And it's beautiful! Thank you Lisa :)


Shay said...

I really hate the cold but that snow looks so pretty!

Dove of Snow said...

Pretty hot mug! I like it! :)

The snow is pretty! We had a white Christmas and I was THRILLED!!! It just makes the duller winter landscape so much nicer. - R

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