20 Aug 2012

Our Camping Trip

Hi Friends!

We're back from our trip to La Roche En Ardennes, one of the most beautiful places in Belgium that I've been to thus far!
It was AMAZING to go camping with my husband :)


We just took LONG (4hour) walks every day. And then we rested and enjoyed each others company :)
We've read a lot too, which is funny because Jeff doesn't really read for long periods of times. But he did this time!

We'll definitely have to do this again!
It was fun to be just the two of us without any internet or laptop!

Somehow everyone is gone today! Jeff's off to work and his parents have mysteriously disappeared... It's just me and the bunny now! It's just too hot this weekend to do anything so I'll just go back trying to survive this heat wave...

How have y'all been this week?


Rach said...

So pretty! Looks like a wonderful time! :)

Dove of Snow said...

LOVE love love the photos! What a fun camping trip it must have been for you two! And a great chance to get away from it all! Missed you on here! God bless and have a lovely day! - R

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I'm longing to go on a camping trip. I enjoy being out doors!

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