10 Aug 2012

Mieke's Birthday

Remember about one and a half month ago that I said I made a birthday cake for my (former) neighbour and friend Mieke? I finally got my hands on some pictures of it!!

It was a chocolate cake with strawberry filling and chocolate-buttercream frosting!
Mmmm :)

I'm sorry if I look a bit err... Not so good as I usually look...
I fell off our stairs that day and couldn't even get changed into something more festive because I almost couldn't move my arm! Jeff wasn't home that week, so I just used all of my remaining energy to finish the cake hah! I couldn't even THINK about putting on any make-up!

I also made these cake pops... usually I use chocolate to cover them with, but this time I used the candy melts. I DON'T like candy melts! They were really hard to use and didn't turn out smooth... I just prefer chocolate :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh my goodness that cake is AMAZING girl! And even with the difficult candy melts, those cake pops look perfect! You have some major skills!

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