4 May 2012

Bookshelf 2011

I saw this great post on Erin's blog about the books she'd read in 2011 and I wanted to share my books too!
I had a goal of reading 30 books by the end of the year, and I have the same goal again for 2012!

1. Life-changing Books about Faith:
- The Bible (God): I try to complete it every year. Maybe I can try to read it twice in 2013 :-)
- Sacred Romance (Bryan C. Curtis)
- Following God with all your Heart (Elizabeth George)

- A woman after God's own Heart (Elizabeth George) : I LOVE this book. I read this once a year because it always gives me something new to think about and it changes my life a bit more everytime I read it!

2. Marriage
- The Five Love Languages (Gary Chapman)
- Intended for pleasure (Ed & Gaye Wheat) 
- Love & Respect (Eggerichs)

3. Classics/Literature
- Macbeth (Shakespeare)
- The Scarlet Letter (Hawthorne)
- Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brönte)
- L'ignorance (Kundera)
- Wuthering Heights (Emily Brönte)
- The Blush (Elizabeth Taylor): I am writing my bachelor's thesis on this collection of short stories! You should try some of her works, I really like her!

- The little Girl who was too fond of Matches (Gaétan Soucy) : Don't read this one. I had to read it for school and even watched a play on it. It really is not worth your time! Bizarre, weird, absurd. That's how I like to describe it. Or actually, I don't even like to describe it, I don't even want to talk about it! It made me feel sick... Yes, sick. 'nough said!

4. Novels
- Nights of Rain and Stars (Maeve Binchy)
- Tara Road (Maeve Binchy)
- Silver Wedding (Maeve Binchy)
- The Lilac Bus (Maeve Binchy)
- Circle of friends (Maeve Binchy)
- Evening Class (Maeve Binchy) 

5. Christian Novels
-The Atonement Child (Francine Rivers)
- Unspoken (Francine Rivers)
- The Last Sin Eater (Francine Rivers)
- Burn (Ted Dekker)
- The Lights of Tenth Street (Shaunti Feldhahn): So intense, so much suspense... I loved this book!
- And the Sjofar blew (Francine Rivers)
- House (Frank Peretti)
- Hangman's curse (Frank Peretti)
- This Present Darkness (Frank Peretti)

The ones that I recommend are underlined!

I guess I read mostly novels this year. When going through these titels I noticed a lot of the christian novels I've read were thrillers... When we got married this past summer I had almost 3 months of vacation and I just read all Jeff's books! I did like to read some thrillers but it definately isn't my favourite genre...
Maeve Binchy I really liked, very entertaining and more my kind of novel. Normally I wouldn't buy a book (waste of trees!), I only buy good books that encourage my faith. Mayve Binchy however, I could see myself collecting all of her books!
I read a lot of classics because it's required when you study literature :-)

For the moment I'm well on my way into my books of 2012, I'm at number 10!  I feel like I've been reading more books about faith and less novels. I guess I just have to read enough "entertaining stuff" for school so I want to read more


Joke said...

Wow, Evelien, dit is toch iets dat ik echt bewonder! Ik zal eens je aanraders doornemen en er mijn volgend boek uitkiezen!

Megan said...

Love this post! Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors. Have you ever read Redeeming Love by her??

Tatiana said...

I have been reading a lot this year too. And most of it has been very fictional too, which a pretty much never do. Great list girl

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