1 Jan 2012

New year's Resolutions!

Todat is a big day for me! I'm one of those people that make New Year's Resolutions every year. So in december I get all focussed on getting them all completed haha :)

My Resolutions for 2011 and how I did:

* Start and finish reading the whole Bible: DONE! I'm so proud of myself for this one :) I could've done it in less time!
* Read 30 books: Done
* Get married: DONE!!!!!!!
* Start Prepare International Bible School: Done! We finished our first year out of three.
* Passing all my exams for the first time: DONE!! I was so proud when I heard I passed all my exams! I got my grades right after I got married in the city hall in Belgium! Best wedding gift :)
* Losing weight: nope... I didn't make it. Not even close to my goal! Blah! It's that one resolution you shouldn't make but I keep putting it on my list because one day I'll make it! (Or I'll have a very good excuse that starts with Baby!)
*Making our bedroom cozy and romantic: this one is a big fail, but frankly, it's not my fault!! The room is such a weird room... I'll try it again this year :)

Well, that's pretty good isn't it? 5 out of 7! Jeeej :)

Now on to 2012's Resolutions:
* Start and Finish reading my Bible in chronological order
* Lose weight! I won't tell you my goal weight but I'll keep you all updated :)
* Reading 30 books again. This makes me more motivated to keep giving myself some me-time!

Did any of you make Resolutions for 2011? How did you do?
What about the New Year 2012?


Joke said...

Wow. Ik vind het echt fantastisch dat je zoveel van je resoluties voor 2011 hebt nagevolgd. Proficiat. Ik maak nooit resoluties, maar ik doe met je voor de 30 boeken lezen. Dat vind ik echt een goedje. En trouwen natuurlijk. :)

Olivia said...

Yeah for getting married in 2011!!! You mentioned before that you and your husband got married on July 9 as well, right? I just love your wedding picture on your blog! Love, Olivia

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