13 Jan 2012


It's almost my birthday (30 Jan) so I'm thinking about what Jeff can give me. The man is clueless when it comes to gifts so he really needs some help!

I'm thinking about maybe getting a bunny... I miss having a pet (my poor Tosca can't stay with us because we lack a garden!) so I asked around what a good pet would be.
A friend of mine has a bunny and she really loves it!

I'd like one like this:

Jeff's a bit afraid that it'll bite through the cables that are all over our place thanks to our wonderful beamer that we use as our own movie theatre, but I've heard you can learn them what they can and can't do!
And I'll be only going to school twice a week in the upcoming semester!

What do you think of keeping a bunny in your house?
Any experience?
What should I think of before buying one??


Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

My uncle had a bunny that he litter trained and left it gated in a bedroom so it wouldn't get into everything. It was more of a dog then a bunny though... it would even hop over and get the brush when he saw you lol

It takes a lot to get them to that point though. If you have the time though, you should be able to do it.

Happy early birthday!

Patty said...

A good friend of mine is in vet school at UPenn and has a bunny. He's a great pet, she even takes him on walks and he's really social. If I didn't have cats, I would definitely get a bunny. I vote yes :)

Petchie said...

We only have a dog but I'm sure a bunny would be fun!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

awww...that would be an awesome gift!! hope you get it!

Megan said...

We had a bunny growing up and he got pretty trained! It took a lot of work, though...they are harder to train than a dog!

Tatiana said...

I had two bunnies a few yrs ago. One was a Holland Lop and the other looks almost exactly like your pic! They were the cutest things ever! However, let me tell you. They can get pretty stinky!

Dove of Snow said...

Did you have your birthday? And did you get a bunny? The one in the photo you put up I think is a dwarf bunny, and yes, it is ADORABLE. Our two bunnies are not dwarf, but they are still very pretty and cute and SUPER soft (part Silky part Lop so they have floppy ears that can ALSO stand up and their fur is very fine and soft, soft SOFT).

We keep ours outdoors, actually. We thought about having them indoors, but honestly, I have to point out that of all that I read (and I did read a lot on the subject), I never was under the impression that rabbits of any kind can be trained to NOT chew on things in your home. That is the main reason we chose to NOT have ours indoors....we worried both about damage and about the bunnies chewing something that could hurt them, e.g. electrical cords.

So . . .I don't think that can be trained out of them. By nature, rabbits just chew. That's what they do. Ask mine. I see them do it nearly 24/7 and they LOVE to chew plus they simply need to or their teeth grow too much and then they have mouth issues.

That's my two bits. :) Hope it's helpful somehow! And let me know what happens! :)

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