8 Nov 2011

Random thoughts

* I've been gone for about two weeks! Wooow! I won't say "shame on me" because I had to work for school and spend some time with my husband, but still...

* The marriage class we're taking is so much fun :) We really enjoy going there every wednesday evening and learning some practical tools to make our marriage even better!
I did learn though that we have quite a good relationship. We're able to talk things over and to discuss things in a decent way! But I do realize this could change once we have little ones and that we'll have less time to talk things through.

The only sad thing is that when we tell people we're taking a marriage class, they look at us like we're aliens... I think anyone in a relationship would benefit from this kind of class!!
Next semester they will give a pre-marriage course and maybe I can help with the practical stuff :)

* Last week we went to a party with some friends! It was so much fun!
We didn't even know most of the people but we had a great time :)

As you can see, a bunch of crazy people :)

* I'm happy to inform you all that I've FINALLY managed to find some books I was looking for that I really really needed for my bachelor paper!
Hoorah! I was afraid I had chosen the wrong topic to write about, but now that I've found the books, I can start reading and stop worrying!

* I'm not going to school today and tomorrow, just because... I feel like staying home and the classes really aren't that important. I need some time at home :)

* And one last little update: We bought a crosstrainer!! Well, Jeff bought one for me. He knew I liked working out on it in the gym, but that I didn't want to go to the gym because it's a bit too expensive. We were able to buy a second hand cross trainer that had barely been used! And it cost the same as going to the gym for half a year with a student discount! I've worked out for 40 minutes yesterday and will try to keep it up for at least 3 times a week.


Tatiana said...

I think it's great that you're taking a marriage class. That actually sounds like fun :)
And your friends look like fun!

Joke said...

Welcome back. I missed you!

Laura Darling said...

Looks like those people would be fun to go to a party with!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

god luck with the crosstranier...

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