18 Nov 2011

Date night & Breakfast in bed

The marriage course has taught us to have "marriage time" every week. About 2 hours that you keep free for each other, we write in our agenda's so nothing can come in between it. For the moment we use this time to make our homework: just talking through the questions we have to tackle together. But sometimes the questions aren't as relevant to us.

For example: we don't have major issues about things our parents did or said (we're so blessed with our amazing parents!) or things we did to each other (I guess we're also very blessed with eachother! hah!). Part of this is probably because we've only been married for 4 months ;)

But anyways, we didn't have much to talk about! So we just made it a date night!!

The wine is sparkling wine called "Il Vino dell Amore" (love wine!)
It was very sweet, kinda like a dessert wine.. Jeff got all of this ready and he even gave me some amazing flowers!!

Please excuse the mess in the background! I've been so busy for school... Clutter everywhere! Haha :)

So because Jeff had put together our little date, I gave him breakfast in bed! Some soaked oatmeal with yoghurt and some raspberries... Mmmm...

I love this kind of breakfast! So healthy and YUMMY!!

Any ideas to surprise the husband with? What have you girls done before or thing about doing?


Tatiana said...

aww.. you guys are too cute! Love date nights AND breakfast in bed :-)

Megan said...

Awww, y'all are both so cute! The breakfast in bed looks amazing!!

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