17 Oct 2011

Lazy Sun(ny)day - gotta love fall!

Yesterday was one of the few times that Jeff and I didn't go to church! I was so tired and we were running late so I decided we'd stay home... Jeff wasn't too happy with that, but we still had an awesome day :)

The weekend has been very bright and sunny (but still very cold): perfect for fall walks!!

 We went to the "Kluisbos" which I had never been to!
We first had to CLIMB our way up hah! Not really, there were even moms with little children in baby carriages but they were having a lot of trouble getting up the hill! (We had trouble too...)

It was kinda crowded but we managed to find a more quiet route that most parents with babies didn't take :) 
We had such a great time, we laughed so much! 
I really enjoyed our time together...

In the evening we decided to dine out at Amadeus.
Amadeus is a cozy place where you can eat ribs à volonté. (Also other stuff, but it's kinda not OK for us to go there and NOT eat ribs!)

Yezzz, ribs I said :)
Jeff surprised me and only had 2 of them... 
When we go there with a bunch of friends the guys will always make it a competition to eat the most...
VERY healthy!

While walking home we had a great chat and so much fun, I felt very happy :)
And then we found this in the middle of the street:

Yeah... A random beer bottle...
It cracked me up and I HAD to take a picture for y'all :)

"This is Belgium. Land of Beer (aannnnd chocolate!)"


Joke said...

Gecombineerd met jullie dagje aan zee gisteren zag dit er echt een zalig weekend uit!

Evelien said...

Dat was het ook écht wel :)

Megan said...

Looks like y'all had SO much fun!! Those ribs look absolutely amazing! I want some right now!

Dove of Snow said...

Love this post! And my favorite pick was you and Jeff's shadow profile, so adorable! Sounds like it was a lovely autumn day! - Rachel

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