12 Oct 2011

Fall Challenge 2011 - music maestro!

This second week of the Fall Challenge over at Women Living Well is all about music!

Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose music that the family enjoys.
Then, focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships. Role model gentleness with your words this week and while you’re add it have a little fun.  Since the music is going,  grab your husband or children and dance!

I have been listening to soft piano music a lot already! I've started doing this last year during the same Fall Challenge... I love George Winston and David Nevue (I've discovered this last one over at Mrs Southern Bride!).

Yesterday Jeff invited some of his friends to watch a soccer game (He just LOVES soccer!) so I went upstairs for some studying. There was a "little bit of noise" because the upstairs room isn't completely separated from our living room so at first I felt a bit cranky for them not being sensitive to the fact that I was studying!

But then I thought "du-uh, they're watching soccer... I can't expect them to be quiet!" and I put on some beautiful music!!
I enjoyed it so so much! Didn't do all that much studying but it kinda worked :)

 I loved seeing him so happy :)
Even though we lost... Poor guys...

I haven't danced yet, but hey, who knows? ;)

Tonight we'll be going to our first evening of a 8week marriage course!
It's a candle lit dinner for two (there will be several tables, one for each couple!) with a DVD series and a handbook... I'm so excited!! Jeff and I will both dress up a little :)
I bought my first OPI nail polish just for tonight hah!! It's called "I'm Suzi & I'm a Chocoholic" :)

A dark red it will be!
I'm so excited!! Pictures will be posted ;)


Joke said...

Please please please vertel mij waar in Belgiƫ je OPI nail polish kan kopen. Ik heb er al ongelooflijk veel over gelezen op Amerikaanse blogs & wil het zelf ook eens uitproberen. ;) Mooi kleurtje! Ik heb mij eergisteren een heel mooi nagellakkleurtje gekocht van Gosh. Zal er binnenkort een foto van posten. Ik kijk al uit naar je post over de marriage course!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I need to find some relaxing music to have on hand! One of my favorite is a Celtic music cd! :)

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