14 Sept 2011

What are we up to on this lil' vacation?

* I'm reading "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I've heard so many good things about it but couldn't get a hold of it because they didn't really sell outside of the US for quite some time. But now they've translated it and I found it in the christian bookshop, jeej!

So far I like his message but I thinks he repeats himself a lot - though his message is really good... I'm not over the first 100 pages yet, so I'll let you know how I think of it later.

* Jeff is trying to improve my blog! He's looking at what I could change in the lay-out and he's actually reading some of the blogs I daily read! It's so funny to hear his thoughts... He has told me he wants to support me with this hobby... Isn't he the cutest?!

* We've been lounging, reading, cooking and just enjoying each other's presence these past days. It's so much fun to get to know each other more and to spend some time together befor my classes start again in about 1,5 week!

Remember we went from Ghent to Oudenaarde on our bikes?
 This picture was taken a couple of minutes before it started to rain really bad...
I have to mention he kept smiling, though! Even when he had to push me because I wanted to stop and just lie down and die in the gutter... Yeah...

 Jeff cooking his favourite meal: spaghetti! 
He could (and would, if I let him!) eat it as dinner, breakfast, lunch and as a snack...  

* Today we went to the park with our nieces (they cut their hair themselves, that's why one might think the youngest is a boy!). We had so much fun but Jeff was exhausted when they left :)
He had to carry them almost all the time. Poor guy!

Maybe you're thinking: soooo much of Jeff today?!
Well, that's my life right now, I can just sit back and watch him all day long :)

Next weekend we'll be going on a leaderships training weekend from Prepare International, I'm so much looking forward to that!

See you soon!!


Kimberly said...

Jarrod and I are in a Newlywed class and they highly recommended that book. Let me know what you think after you finish it! And I love that your husband is helping you with your blog. That is so fun! Jarrod helps out a lot too. He is my proofreader! :)

Joke said...

I love it that Jeff is supportive of your hobby. Gary is the same way. He actually pushed me to start a blog because I was hesitant to start with.

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