7 Jun 2011

Day 7: My favourite movies

One of my favourite movies was bought by accident. I wanted to see one and bought it for a couple of euros. But I kept rewatching it :) Love it!!
 In the last scene (a wedding), the sister reads a poem by E.E.Cummings. My sister is going to read it at our wedding too :)

Another favourite is this one:

I don't think I'll have to explain this one :)
Romance, kissing in the rain, happy endings... Love it!!

What are your favourite movies?

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Dove of Snow said...

I LOVE The Notebook, and in a nutshell, because it seems like it could be real-life, and it's beautiful to see real love played out. I BAWL every time I watch that movie, the end always hits me hardest! Check out my blog profile for some of my favorite films!

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