14 Jun 2011

Day 14: A picture of me last year - how have I changed?

First things first: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!
Two years ago my darling and I became a couple and I've been so happy these past two years!

I love you :)

On to the challenge: a picture of me last year:

This picture was taken june 17 last year, it's the closest I could get to "a year ago" :) 
We were having a drink with Jeff's parents after Jeff had the presentation of his thesis. He did so well!! He got a prize because his thesis was the best one :) *proud*
That's Jeff's mom by the way haha!

So much has happened in only one year, it's amazing!

*Jeff moved and now lives on his own (for the next 25 days!)
*He got a new job working for the government as IT-man 
*We got engaged
*I got to try on wedding gowns!
*I learned a lot about myself and about Jeff. We have both grown a lot!
*We go to a prayer meeting every friday evening and there has happened SO MUCH growing this last year! It's incredible... If I look at how I related to that group a year ago and how I relate to them now? It's just such a big change!
On the outside I don't think I've changed a lot, but I have on the inside!
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jeff, thank you friends!! :)

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

It's crazy how much change one little yr can bring! I'm so glad that all of yours was the good kind :-)

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