11 Jun 2011

Day 11: Favourite TV-shows

I live in a dorm and we don't own a TV here. Jeff doesn't own a TV either, so I don't often watch TV. At my parents' house I like to watch detective series such as Midsummer Murders. I've seen them all before but I still like them!

I also love to watch Storm of Love. It's such a dramatic show but I like it :)

Which shows do you like?
I guess mine aren't on in the US...

1 comment:

Dove of Snow said...

Oh yes, one is at least! I loved the few episodes I've been able to watch of Midsomer Murders! LOL I love mysteries, though, too, and those are good! They have the series for sale at one of our warehouse stores, Sam's Club. I seriously would buy them, but instead, I'm waiting for them to come in the mail from Netflix sometime in the future! -- Rachel

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