20 Apr 2011

Wedding idea: yes or no?

I had this great idea but I need some feedback! Well, because... I'm not so sure if it is really "great"...

At the wedding (at least here in Belgium, I don't know about you guys!), when you go to your tables where you're going to eat, the people have to know where they sit, right? Usually the couple tells you where to sit. We'll have about 150 people to direct to their place so we have to have some kind of "system" that tells them which table is theirs.
Usually the guests get a color that matches their table or some sort of candy or whatever. But I was thinking about searching for wedding movies!

Wait, I'll explain it...
For example:

This one for my family

Our friends? Or just the male friends hehe :)

 Or this one!

If we had greek family, we could take this one for them!

What do you think? Like it? Or is it going to be too funny and too not "wedding-y" and classy and all that...
Sigh, I need some help!


1 comment:

Tatiana said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA! Honestly! I say do it do it do it!

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