16 Dec 2010

My favourite part of the house

It's week 5 of Brittany's challenge of favourites!! (I know I'm a bit late but that's OK ;))

This week's challenge is to celebrate your favorite part of your home!  Spend extra time there this week, cleaning it, enjoying it and filling it with holiday cheer.
I have to say that my favourite part of the home is the kitchen!! I'm in love with the kitchen of my mother haha! They just re-did it and it's just gorgeous... It invites to cook :)
But I'm not going to live at my parents anymore... So I'll have to be happy with J's kitchen!

It's a very small kitchen, and  we don't have an oven (I hate that!!!!).
For now, J. has put a curtain between the kitchen and the living room... Because it's an old house and it's very hard to get and keep it warm... And now the kitchen is freezingly cold and it's such a sad little place... Sigh...
No, I don't like what he did with it, but I'm just hoping it'll get better when the weather gets a bit warmer! And if J. really wants to have a curtain, I'll have to find a curtain that's a little bit cuter and more my style!

Aah, only 6 and a half months and we'll be married and I'll have something to say about the kitchen!! Haha :)

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