1 Aug 2010

new phone and stuff

Our internet didn't work for 2 days! But J. was with me this weekend so I didn't really mind :)

Friday I cooked for him: I made "Easy Feta Chicken Bake" that I've read somewhere on a blog (I honestly can't remember which one and I can't seem to find it either...)and it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!
I also made Erin's (Blue-eyed Bride's) tripple berry cobbler recipe
I find that I have some trouble with these American measurements, we don't work with "a cup of this and a cup of that" and it was somewhat confusing. But I managed, hooray! The result was jummy, thank you Erin!!

Then there's also my new phone.. I've had my old one for almost 5 years, it was this beauty:

From the Nokia l'Amour collection.

My new one is the Samsung Stylish Touch. I've been looking for a feminine phone for a while and this one seemed to be good enough. I'm still a bit unsure because I've had a Nokia since I got my first phone...
We'll see how it works out!

Now it's time for some quality time with my parents, sister and brother because they've had to share me with J. during this entire weekend, haha!


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