30 Aug 2012

Early B...unny

Our sweet little bunny has had some naughty moments lately... When we just moved to Jeff's parents, he was very confused and peed everywhere. This went over quickly (it only lasted 2 days) and we knew it was just a matter of him making this place feel like his new "home" (oh joy, he'll do it all again when we move to our house!).

We thought we were fine but last week I was sitting on my bed (we only have two rooms here and there's no door in between them, that's why the bunny can get to our bed) and eating one of these

He went totally crazy and almost attacked me to get a piece! Of course I didn't give him anything and he just hopped over and peed on our bed... Yes, he did. While doing it, he looked at me and the pee just kept on coming!
I couldn't believe my eyes... I put him in his cage and cleaned everything. Didn't have any problems after this so I thought we were fine... Again...

 Who, me? I didn't do anything!

Fast forward to this morning...
We have a mosquito net above our bed which keeps us safe from bites and from bunnies! Every morning around 7am Janneman starts to jump against the net until I let him in.
Usually Jeff's already gone to work but today Janneman came a little early. He jumped on the bed, hopped around a little and jumped on Jeff's lap. All of a sudden Jeff started screaming: "He's peeing!!!!! - I think - Oh no he's really peeing on me!!!!"

Yep... At 6.30 in the morning my husband got peed on because Janneman was jealous of him being next to me. I was not very flattered, bunny! Nobody wants to get up 1.5 hours early just to put all the bedding in the laundry... But I'm still happy he didn't pee on me hehe :)

Do you have some "fun" pet-moments? Tell me in the comments or leave a link to a blogpost!
I love reading stories about pets :)

1 comment:

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, how funny!! Well, not funny if you have to clean it up, but funny to read. I didn't even know that bunnies had accidents like that. Haha!!

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