1 Sept 2012

15 questions

My dear blogfriend Rachel from Dove of Snow recently tagged me to answer some of these questions, so here they are!

1) Blueberries or cherries?
Blueberries. This is a no-brainer for me. My grandparents had blueberries and I loved picking the berries! My "bomma" would bake pancakes with them and they were the best pancakes ever!!
In our new house we'll have to plant some of those plants, it's already decided.

2) Vanilla or chocolate?
Or maybe something like a vanilla-cake with chocolate frosting! That's nice too!
But if it's just one, I'll go with the chocolate, mmmm...
3) What is your favorite song?
I don't really have a favorite song, I'm afraid... I just don't really listen to a lot of music during the day.
Maybe our first dance: Andrew Peterson "The Magic Hour", but that's just because it's a nice memory.

4) What is your favorite activity?
Reading! I love reading and if I could, I'd read all day long!
Oh and sleeping is also a good one...
My least favorite is finishing exams, which I'm doing at the moment... Blah...
5) Have you ever left your country?
I think most people in Belgium have, it's one of the smallest countries haha :)
I've been to France (Paris! but also just other parts), England (London!), the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Barbados. Wow, this question makes me feel like I've been almost everywhere hehe :)
6) What is on the floor of your closet right now?
a suitcase and some bags.  
Most of our stuff is just in boxes right now so it's almost impossible to have clutter
7) What did you do last night?
We played a game called "kubb"! It's a bit like bowling but different.
Jeff just bought the game and we've been playing it to get to know it a bit better.
It's a great game to play in your back yard when you're having some friends over!

8) What are you most afraid of?
I think what I'm most afraid of is losing my loved ones, especially my husband
But then again, God says 365 times in His Word to NOT be afraid so maybe I just shouldn't think about that haha!

9) If you had the option, would you choose a fun drink or an edible snack?
Snack. Anytime.
I like fun drinks but I'll always go for the food!

10) What is your favorite day of the week? 
Saturday! We can sleep in and I get to see my man the whole day!
Jeeej :)

11) What is your favorite breed of dog? 
I've always answered this question with Bernese Mountain Dog.
I've always wanted one... But I've found out they're very sensitive to eye diseases and it can cost a lot to keep them alive - which by the way, they only live approx. 8 years... So now we're thinking Border Collie!
I'll still have to wait a couple of months before we can get one...

12) What is your favorite genre of literature? 
Anything fiction really. I love those Irish women writers that write about family life such as Maeve Binchy.
But I've read so many fantasy books too. And detective novels.
13) Diamonds or pearls?
Ehm.. I don't really know!
I wear both. Pearls in earrings and necklaces, but my wedding band has 11 diamonds, which I lovvvveeee!
I only wish I'd have asked for diamonds all around...
And if we're talking about rings, I've been dreaming of a ring like this one

My grandma promised me her ring that's similar to this one, but when she died it kinda disappeared... Booh to you, person that took it! But one day I'll get one like this.

14) What is your favorite type of flower?
I feel like it's so boring to tell this, but I love roses!
Especially the ones in my parents' garden, they smell divine!
And Jasmin, but that's more like a blossom, right?

15) What is one item on your bucket list?
Having a baby!
I can't think of anything better than becoming a mom :)
(I mean, 'cause I'm already married and all...)

So now I just tag anyone that wants to answer some questions, be sure to leave me a link to your answers 'cause I love reading them :)


Laura Darling said...

Oh i love border collies! Although bernese mountain dogs are beautiful too!

Dove of Snow said...

So fun to read!! Thanks for commenting on my own 15 questions and for taking this on to do yourself! I loved reading your answers -- the Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful and I've always loved how they look. You know, my dog that was an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross looked JUST LIKE a B.M. Dog! I'm sooooo serious! The markings and everything! He was a beautiful cross. :) Have a lovely day!

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