22 Aug 2012

Hotel & Beach - mmmm :)

I'm really grateful to my in-laws for providing us with a great place to live. But it is so difficult not to have your own place! I'm glad that it's just for maximum 2 months longer, even though Jeff's parents are amazing haha!

We try to take trips to just be alone and give them some time for themselves... And I've just booked a hotel trip at the beach! So exciting!

Jeff went to a conference earlier this year and won a coupon to go on a romantic weekend, so we didn't even have to pay for this trip! So yeah, I feel so blessed right now :)
And an extra bonus: now we have something new to focus on before we can (finallyyyyy) get the keys to our house!

Anyone has some trips comin' up in the next month?


Joke said...

Sounds NICE. Enjoy! We are going to London soon either in September or early November or maybe even twice. Can't wait to unwind with family and explore the city with my man!

Rach said...


Alexis Kaye said...

the hotel looks GORGEOUS! Getaways with the lover are so fun! :) And YAY for buying a house!!!! I'm so excited for that someday!

Dove of Snow said...

Oh my WORD! Did you stay at the actual place in those photos? It's gorgeous!!! I want to go with you next time!! haha Hope you had a blast! Everyone needs a vacation and that one would ROCK! :) We don't have any big plans for trips in the next month or two or probably even the next 4-6 months. But we do have a small trip coming up in the next month, when my hubby will be a second shooter/assistant photographer for a wedding out of town, and I'm going with him so I can spend the day in the city and have fun!! :) So it will be a nice change of pace and scenery and pastime!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Wow! That sounds so fun and romantic! :D

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