13 Nov 2013

Snuggy Toy - Baby gift

My friends, the nesting has kicked in!

Not only am I noticing some strange behaviours like curling up on the couch and thinking about what I still need to do before baby comes (breathe! breathe!), but I started to feel the need to make something that our baby girl can treasure. Something her mommy made with so much love that she can't help but feel welcome in this big wide world!

Enter some wool and a crochet hook (thanks to some inspiration from my Scottish blog friend Kirsteen! - She has FIVE boys! How cool is that?!)

I decided to make a snuggy toy just like Kirsteen did, but this one is for a friend of mine that could go into labor any moment now. This toy was more of a practice round I guess. Remember, I had never even worked with a crochet hook before so I'm pretty happy with the results. Somehow my toy looks totally different than the one Kirsteen made but I'm thinking I did a great job hihi :-)

If you want to try something like this, Youtube is your best friend. Oh and my favourite shop around here, the Action ;-) You can get anything there! Seriously...
It took me about a week but it could go a lot faster. I spent most of that time searching for a filling for the head. Turns out some of the fake snow you can buy around this time of year is actually stuffing for pillows and toys. Perfect!

My next project is a Granny Square Baby Blanket and then I'll make another snuggy toy for our little pumpkin. Those two girls are going to be BFF's, they don't really have a choice ;-)

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