11 Nov 2013

28 week update

How am I feeling?
I'm soooo tired! I could sleep all day long. But my doctor tested my blood and apparently I have low iron levels. I'm just hoping it's going to get better with some medication.
In addition to that, its getting harder to bow down, for example to tie my shoes! Luckily I've got some great flats that don't need to be tied ;-)

It's about the same as last week. Usually I sleep pretty well but about 2-3 nights a week I'll just wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep for the next 2 hours. It's not very funny but it could explain the increasing tiredness...

I'm not often hungry but I crave chocolates all the time. 
I've started drinking warm milk with honey before going to bed to help with acid reflux. It's not too bad yet but I want to prevent any discomfort I can!

Weight gain?

Yes, lots of it! Still not as much that I would say she's soooo active but I feel her multiple times a day. It lasts for about 3 kicks or so, which is fine because I don't need painful ribs on top of my tiredness :-)

How big is baby?
38cm. THIRTY-EIGHT, people! Only 12cm to go and she grew 10 cm this past month! I was in shock when the doctor told me she already is this big :-)
She weighs 1kg300 and will probably gain about 2 more kgs by the time she gets born. She's not a small baby! I'm so excited to meet her...

Fun moment of the week:
Jeff buying his first clothes for our daughter!
We went to a store and I thought I'd buy something for baby girl when all of a sudden Jeff was standing beside me, a bit shy and insecure. I said: "what's wrong baby?" He was holding something pink and said: "I really, really think this is cute, do you think *insert baby girl's name* would like it?"
Uhm, I melted right there and then - didn't even look at what he was holding and told him that he could get her anything he wanted because she would love anything her daddy picked out for her!
And you know what? He didn't even take that onesie, he chose two other ones. I think I'll go back to the store and get the one he held first because I loved his face when he was holding it :-) 


Joke said...

Ahhh. Dat verhaaltje van u en Jeff in de winkel is super schattig! :)

Heather Leigh_A beautiful ministry said...

hey girl! Major congrats on your pregnancy. You have seriously bumped up my baby fever just now ;)

I found you from Amy's blog just blog hopping and came across yours :)

I LOVE the way your name is spelled! So different :)

Xoxo Heather @

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