23 Jul 2013

Going on a camp as a pregnant woman

After our big announcement on the blog and on Facebook we received so many sweet words and love from everyone, thank you all!
This past week we went to a family camp and we needed everybody to know about the pregnancy so I'd feel safe, which is why we didn't wait until our 12 week appointment (dirty kids, food, long treasure hunts, people throwing dirty water on each other - don't ask!). I've still had to defend myself pretty strongly - "no dear kitchen crew, it is really NOT safe to eat the tiramisu you made... Even though you still ate raw eggs when you were pregnant, I'd rather not!" (doesn't everybody know this?!) - but I've also had lots of worried older women taking care of me, which was pretty nice!

Tired? Who, me?? Naaaah ;)
And why yes, I did make myself a flute out of a plastic pipe at the camp. Aren't I a genius? And yes, you can play some tunes on it!

Starting this week we'll get the weekly belly-pic going. I didn't think about starting them earlier like Tulips did because my week 4 belly wasn't that flat to begin with haha! But right now I feel like everybody can see the bump already (I'm pretty sure some of the teens at the camp were relieved to find out I was pregnant and not just getting fatter everyday!) so I guess I'm ready to show!

So tomorrow: our first pregnancy update :)


Tulips said...

Ey, je mag wel een link naar mijn blog plaatsen ook he! :P

Ik vond mijn vierwekenbuik ook echt "superdik". Haha. :)

Oh en ik vraag me ook constant af wat ik mag eten en wat niet. Ik neem het totaaaal niet zo nauw als vele anderen, maar mijn ma is toch soms nog altijd van "Ja zeg, als je zo redeneert mag je niets meer eten!" Gisteren een paar droge worstjes gegeten en toen voelde ik mij megaschuldig omdat ik denk dat dat eigenlijk niet mag...

Dove of Snow said...

I am sorry to be so delayed in getting to tell you how happy I am at your recent news! But I hope you will accept the late congrats! How fun for you to step into this new phase of life.

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