24 Jul 2013

Pregnancy update - 13 weeks

Don't mind the pregnancy hair and overall appearance... My husband wasn't cooperating and I was getting a bit nervous haha:)
Let's just focus on da belly!

How far along? 13 weeks!

What I'm feeling:
* "Morning" sickness... It has gotten better. A lot better actually! The mornings are still difficult but by noon it's almost completely over. I'm aliiiive people!!
* Tired!!! I have to take a nap several times each and every day. But I feel like it is getting better.
* I've suffered from constipation (TMI? Just keeping it real here ;) ) but I feel it got better when I started watching my food a little better.
* Acne! I've never had many pimples when I was younger but now my face looks like I've got the worst acne ever! But again, I feel like this is getting just a tad bit better. They say it goes away in your 2nd trimester? We'll see..
* I've had some mild hyperventilation issues at the camp. At first I didn't know what was happening, I just felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs and I felt trapped in my own body. But the nurses told me I had probably done a bit too much that day or the days before and my body was telling me I had to stop, so they told me to get to bed and breathe in a little bag. I think this was the scarriest moment this week!  I asked my gyn and she said it's normal. My body has to work really hard and baby has been growing really fast!
* My hair is crazy... Just look at the picture. Oh no, maybe better not. 

Crrrraaavings/Food aversions:
I haven't had many cravings except for lemons. I'm in loooove with them! Oh and as of yesterday I also looooove me some buttered french bread with brie (don't worry, it's safe!)
I haven't been able to see, hear, taste or smell chicken, most raw meat and bananas (random, I know...). I feel like this is starting to get better. I mean, I managed to go grocery shopping without having to run out of the store. This has become a huge accomplishment, people!

Weight gain? Not according to my GYN, but I'm thinking I've gained 1, maybe 2 pounds.

How big is baby? On monday he or she was 6.4cm or 2.5inches

Funny moment of the week: People starting to touch my belly! It feels realllllly weird, 'cause I don't have a real pregnant belly yet. But still, very funny :)
Oh and buying diapers!! 10 cloth diapers for 30 dollars? Yes please!! Can't wait to get them :) 

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Dove of Snow said...

Evelien! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I am terribly thrilled for you! I can see how excited you are. What a life change, right? :) Hope you are feeling better day by day! Thanks for the pregnancy update! You're looking good! :)

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