6 Sept 2012


Yesterday we met with a contractor at our new house to discuss some prices on nocking out some walls. He turned out to be very friendly and not too expensive.

But the most exciting thing about this is that we got to see our house again!
It was beautiful and we fell in love all over. The garden is amaaaazing!
And look what our sweet tenant gave us?

These are ALL from our garden! That's about 8 different kinds of tomatoes, some celery, parsil, cucumbers, 2 zucchinis, beetroot, rhubarb and rucola salad (oh and one fruit-thingy I don't know the name of but it tastes really nice)!

He showed us around the garden and there are so many veggies and fruits! We have a plum tree, raspberries (but I think he asked if he could take them with him if he left), hazel, pumpkins, strawberries, ... It's really amazing!

He also has 4 chickens, one of which is breeding on some eggs. The babies will be born next week and he told us we'd get either some of those or some of a friend of his (those are a bit older already). We have chicken people!! We can go egg hunting everyday! Everyday will be Easter!

How excitiiiiing!! In 2 to 3 weeks we'll get the keys and then we can start working on it. It's just sad that in 3 weeks my school starts again so I will be gone for a huge part of the day... But my sweet husband will take some days off to get the work going.

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Rach said...

Aww your garden has so much produce!

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