5 Sept 2012

A special wedding

My sweet friend Angelique got married last friday! She's the one I made the cake for in April when she got legally married. Friday was the church wedding and the big party!

As you can see I did her hair and her make-up! We curled her hair but her hair is SO straight that they didn't stay very well haha! She wanted a french braid and curls, it was such a creative hair-do she came up with!

Her make-up is easier to see on the pictures of he civil wedding in April:

The person that was going to welcome the people called off last-minute so I offered to help out. I got to be "the door keeper" hehe... It wasn't the most fun job 'cause I missed a big part of the wedding, but they really stressed out when the guy called and told them he couldn't get there!
I'm glad I could help them out :)


Joke said...

Evelien, jij bent een dame met vele talenten! :)

Rach said...

What a good friend you are! Hair, make up and filling in where they needed you! I'm sure they were SO grateful to have you there!

Unknown said...

gorgeous bride! great job :).


Dove of Snow said...

Lovely bride and you seem to have a done a great job on her hair/makeup as well as her cake! :) Fun!

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