1 Jun 2012

Tomato-basil-cheese "pie"!

Dear friends,

I'm happy to tell you that for the last 2 weeks I've been watching my diet and have lost about 1.5 kg! That is 3 pounds. I'm very proud of myself and my sweet MIL gave me her Weight Watchers Book and I've been doing this since Monday.

I've made some delicious new meals and thought I'd share one with you!
It's a vegetable pie with tomato, mozzarella, feta cheese and basil!
Mmm :)

You'll need:
* 1 pie crust
* 3-4 tomatoes in slices
*20-25 fresh basil leaves
* mozzarella in slices (depends on how much you want, I used about 250g)
* feta cheese, crumbled (I used 1 package)

It is pretty easy:
You press the pie crust in your baking dish. Then you put in
one layer of tomatoes,
one layer of basil leaves,
one layer of mozzarella,

one layer of feta (I use feta because I LOVE it! It's such an amazing taste!)

second layer of tomatoes
followed by basil and 
last layer of mozzarella.

You bake this for about 30-40 minutes on 180°C or  350°F

And you should now have something like this:

It is best to let it cool a bit because there's a lot of fluid from the cheese and tomatoes, so it has to set again. You could also add in some breadcrumbs before your first layer of tomatoes, they absorb some of the fluids.

Enjoy! Let me know if you've tried it!

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Joke said...

This will be made by yours truly next week. I love everything about it. I might add some ground turkey or chicken. Thanks for sharing!

Margo said...

This looks delicious!

Ryan said...

This looks SO yum!! I might have to try this one out soon! :)

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