25 May 2012


We live in an apartment in the middle of Ghent, in a house we "share" with some good friends. There's no garden but there's a big flat roof on top of our friend's place that they can use if they want to. They don't, really, 'cause you could walk into our bedroom if we opened up our bedroom window :)
We like that they allow us our privacy.

There are however some people that don't know what privacy is! Maybe it's because of the hot weather or maybe 'cause some students like to go wild before exams...
Jeff and I were just chillin' on our bed because it's the only place in our house where we get some sun. Yes, just chillin', I'm SO happy we weren't doing anything else hah! All of a sudden we see some people standing on the roof...  Our friends aren't home so it couldn't be them. Apparently, some of the students next door decided to come check out our roof and have a barbeque! You see, on the other side of the roof you can see one of Ghent's canals, very beautiful, but it is private territory.

Jeff ran downstairs, into our friends' appartment (we have their key to water their plants) and up the roof via their door. He asked them if they would please get off his roof. He sounded so authoritative, hehe :)

Their answer?? I'm sorry, sir, we didn't know this roof belonged to someone.
Wait, what? REALLY? Where do you think the roof came from?! There are windows. People live here.

It gets even worse! They asked if they please could just stay for one beer.
Uhm... No. Jeff told them very friendly that they had to leave because it is his roof and they are tresspassing private territory.

2 hours later (it's about 11pm) one of those students is breaking up with his girlfriend, very loudly. They're just standing outside, screaming at eachother. My guess is that they're pretty drunk.

There's people living in this street, dear students. People and little children. Please keep your dirty laundry inside!
Too bad Jeff didn't let me call the cops :)
I'd have loved to, muahaha!!


Joke said...

Oh my goodness! Scary! I was at Gary's place and we heard them screaming too. Some people don't know what privacy means!

sofieV said...

Hot weather + alcohol = people doing weird things. ;)

Eatlovemerry said...

So weird!!

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