28 Jan 2012

Homemade Sugar Cubes

My exam yesterday went well (I'm so happy!)
And I figured I could give myself some time to do something crafty!

And I chose this little project from pinterest!

Homemade sugar cubes!

What do you do:
-Take 1/2 cup of sugar 
-Mix in a tsp of water untill it's all moist and a bit crumbly
-Put the sugar mixture into a microwave-suitable mold
-Put in the microwave for 40 sec
-Let dry/cool for a couple of minutes
-Unmold carefully

My result:
Little flowershaped sugar cubes!!
The pink ones are coloured with food coloring. You just color the sugarmixture.

These are great to make something special for a party!

And for those of you interested in Janneman: a bunny-picture!


Katie said...

How cute! Do u shape them before they go in the microwave?

Evelien said...

I just used a flower mold :)
(just a mold for ice cubes!)

hope in high heels said...

Congrats on finishing your exam! Love this sugar cube idea, it's gorgeous. Janneman is looking very cute too - what's the funniest thing he's done so far?

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