26 Jan 2012

Baking Class

I'm taking a baking class!!!
I just found the class about 3 hours ago on the internet and it starts Monday (my birthday!) and i've decided I'll have to take it!

This will be me in a couple of weeks
Minus the hair, I'm a brunette

At first I thought "oww, it's one evening every week... So much time!!"
But then I remembered the time that I went to music classes THREE times a week. So what's once a week?!

The only sad thing is that it starts on my birthday so we can't go out for dinner as I planned :(
But my sweetie went ahead and took a day off so we can go out for lunch together!!
Oh and I still have an exam on friday so I'll loose an entire evening, which isn't as bad as it sounds hehe... I never do anything in the evenings except the evenings before exams - such as tonight!

Again, not me, I'm a brunette...

Can you see (or read) that I'm a bit excited? Excited and very stressed out since I still have to do a lot for my exam of tomorrow...
I'll go do that and try to get some sleep and pass that exam!


Joke said...

This post made me smile, very you and I love it. Heel veel moed voor deze avond en morgen!

Jena Roach said...

wahoo! I totally need to take one of these, too! :)

Unknown said...

Oh!! I've always wanted to do that! Have a great time. I want to hear all about it.

You've got a sweetie ;). Enjoy that lunch!


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