31 Dec 2011

Bye Bye 2011

This past year has flown by!
One of my favourite bloggers, Jenifer at Sweet Blessings, did a '11 recap kinda post and I loved it so much that I'm going to give you my very own '11 recap!

Januari is one of the 2 most hated months in the life of a student in Belgium: We have exams for the whole month!
My sweet fiancé (he was still a fiancé back then hehe) bought me this big bouquet of flowers and had them delivered to my door! I still think of it sometimes!

I went to London for the first time! This trip was also my first trip with friends... Weird isn't it? I'm just not that much of a travel person and I guess they just talked me into it :) 
I loved it very much though!! 

I feel like March was such a boring month... I didn't blog and my agenda tells me that I only had a take-home-exam, so maybe that's why I didn't do anything exciting??

In April I went with one of my friends to a Thai Massage salon. Not to get a massage but to talk to the women that work there. A lot of them don't work there because they want to but because they think they don't have another choice! Ofcourse we didn't get to talk about that but still, very weird to have been inside a brothel!
More about that here

I had my bachelorette party in May!
I had a blast with my sweet girlfriends and enjoyed every moment of it :)

They dressed me up as my very favourite princess and made me clean streets... Because I'm a princess and I love to clean ofcourse. They know me too well I'm afraid...

June was the month that I got to take my wedding dress home!!!
I was so excited! The lady from the store didn't want me to walk around in it, so I felt a bit bummed, but still, it's such a precious memory :)

This one needs no more explanation I guess

I cut my hair! I didn't like it at all so I'm happy that it's growing pretty fast :)

We stayed at Jeff's parents' for two weeks as a little holiday while they went to Gran Canaria! We had so much fun together, still learning to live together but not in our own apartment. We love the region where they live, it's very calm and quiet there.

In October we started our very first Marriage Course!
It's the one from Sila and Lee if you know them. We had so much fun together :)
We learned to talk about things we didn't talk about before... And we learned also that our marriage was (and is!) still pretty good!! I guess that's because we had only been married for three months at that point hehe!

We went to Paris in November! Read about it here

To prepare for Christmas, I gave Jeff every day a gift for the 10 days before Christmas! 
On day one he got one present, day 2 he got 2 presents etc... (Don't worry they were pretty cheap!)
Yups very crazy but I had fun with it! 

Come back tomorrow to read about my New year's Resolutions for 2012 and how I did with the ones for 2011!!

What are some of your highlights of 2011? Any expectations for 2012?

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